Thursday, February 17, 2005

why we need personal social security accounts

Why impede the choice of younger citizens who want a chance to retire well? Why not allow investment in a new framework? Why is it in a country that spends so much in public education, we can't expect people to have the basic skills in handling their own financial affairs? Those who are against personal accounts argue against the stock market. The downturns in the market will wipe out the savings. The stock market however has not been down in any 20 year period. Dollar cost averaging will squelch the downturn problem. Investors would also have options such as bonds and government security accounts, that could be switched in and out to mitigate risk, especially just prior to retirement. Critics have pointed out that the start-up costs will reach $2 trillion. But if the current unfunded liabilities of the current system go forward, that price tag is $10 trillion. Either way it will cost money, but if personal accounts are used, we can get out of the cycle where one generation fiscally burdens the next at an ever increasing rate.


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