Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bird flu symptoms reported in indonesia

Health officials are alarmed at an increase in bird flu symptoms reported in an Indonesian hospital. The virus is said to have spread among birds in Vietnam and Thailand. Four Indonesians have died in the last week. Indonesia plans to prohibit people from keeping fowl in their backyards.

The World Health Organization says this spike in cases was expected.

Read the story from Reuters

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

blogging reflections of 2006

Bill Elmore of techrepublic.com wrote an interesting article about blogosphere of 2006. The item most talked about seems to be data breeches. Several high profile incidents were reported on. The "handling" of private data couldn't be more important. Companies that deal with this information need to ramp up their efforts to keep that data safe and away from possibilities of theft.

In Bill's article, he notes that data breeches aren't going away in 2007. Companies still won't put a high priority on keeping data safe. That's a word to the wise. Be careful yourself. We need to take preventative measures so our data isn't breeched.

link to Bill's article