Sunday, March 11, 2012

leadership in motion

On Saturday, March 10, 2011 the Illinois Council of Deliberations had their annual leadership seminar in Bloomington at the Marriott. This is where Scottish Rite Valleys talked about the future of membership and our mission to the communities we serve. Our sense of community is great. Our goals for leadership are entrenched in our historical roots. Freemasonry aided in the idea of free thought and freedom from tyranny. Freemasons helped forge a nation and break the bonds of foreign rule.

As we talked about our future, we had a sense of our mission, a mission of responsibility to ourselves and our social conscious. I present this whole idea in this video:

This frankly is what Freemasonry stands for. This is very meaningful. I had the honor of attending this function and have shared a portion with you.

Friday, March 09, 2012

freemasonry molds the form

True Freemasonry is esoteric. All that we have is a link, a doorway, to a place not of this world. Freemasonry has nothing to do with form, but realizes that form is molded by and manifests the life it contains. The esoteric student may pass into the unknown, but he is seeking to mold his life that the form will glorify the God whose temple he is slowly building as he awakens the workmen within himself and directs them to carry out the instructions which have been given to him by the God that he finds within himself.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

biblical prophesy and reformation

Bible prophecy. Who identifies with it these days? Is there a correct Bible interpretation? As the Bible became more accessible to people at the end of the Dark Ages, people were seeing the prophecies for themselves. Do you suppose they took the Bible literally? Were they taught to take the Bible as it was written? When the Protestant Reformation was starting, the Protestant powers that be were passionate about the literal Bible. How did this aid the Protestant ministers in their aim to educate the masses?

The rise out of the Dark Ages was the result of making the Bible available to everyone. The Protestant teachings were based on historical teachings of prophesy. As the Reformation teachings spread, the Papacy was forced to defend itself against the overwhelming evidence of Biblical prophesy. The Papacy needed to steer people away from this interpretation. It did not want to be seen as the enemy of Christ!

The Papacy began a counter-reformation that led to the formation of the Jesuits. The Jesuits became the teaching arm of the Roman Catholic Church. Revolution was at hand, and the Catholic leadership knew it. This also led them to create the Holy Office of the Inquisition which persecuted those who would not give up Reformation teachings. The Jesuits had their work cut out for them. They used two doctrines aimed at the Reformation.
  1. Spanish Jesuit Alcazar began teaching that the events depicted in the prophesies were already fulfilled in the early persecutions of the Christians by the Romans. This was the Preterist interpretation.
  2. Spanish Jesuit Francisco Ribera began teaching that the events depicted by the Prophets were still in the future and that the fulfillment of prophesy would come just before the second coming of Christ. This was called the Futurist interpretation.
In the book of Revelation, 5 main players are featured. These 5 are usually identified as Satanic.
  1. The Great Red Dragon
  2. The Leopard
  3. The Lamb-Like Beast
  4. The Image of the Beast
  5. The Scarlet Colored Beast
The Bible identifies the Great Red Dragon as Satan (at face value). The color is red or flame-colored. It is often associated with Lucifer, another name for Satan, by some, but not all. There are revelations that Lucifer has nothing to do with Satan, or is the opposite of Satan. Here's a question: Is Lucifer Jesus? One to ponder! For sure, Lucifer was made to give Satan another identity, so that deception, made easy, was called out for the faithful. Satan, obviously full of deception and deceit, is surely among us on Earth and has filtrated or even has control of the three Abrahamic religions.

There are those who have identified Satan, but always seem to call the Evil One Lucifer. Go figure.
Satan is identified by the following characteristics:
  1. To exalt self above God.
  2. To be worshiped as God.
  3. To rule and not to serve.
  4. To spread lies in order to gain followers.
  5. Accuse others of his own guilt.
  6. Rebellion brought into the open.
  7. Never repents or gives up.
The Red Dragon devours the man-child which is interpreted as Christ.

The Leopard, through historical interpretation is the Roman Catholic Church. What are the characteristics of the Papacy (Roman Catholic Church)?
  1. Exalts man in the place of God.
  2. To rule over rather than serve using church government.
  3. The pope is like God and is worshiped as God.
  4. To spread lies and falsehoods to gain followers.
  5. To work secretly until able to work openly.
  6. To silence or even kill enemies.
  7. Never repents, but refines and polishes the plan to attain goals.
These characteristics are very similar to Satan's.

The Lamb-Like Beast has been identified as the United States of America. What was this entity during the Reformation? Some other nation that believed in freedom no doubt. This beast has two horns representing Republicanism and Protestantism. The characteristics:
  1. Republicanism; or freedom from kings and tyrannical governments.
  2. Protestantism; or the separation of church and state, and freedom from oppressive and apostate churches.
  3. Manifest a peaceful attitude.
  4. Speaks like a dragon; or becomes Satanic, destroys Liberty.
  5. Exercises military power over all Earth.
  6. It compels all Earth to worship the Lamb-Like Beast.
  7. Persecution and death to all who do not make concessions or bow to its decrees.
The Image of the Beast is a replica of the Roman Catholic Church. Could this be a Protestant denomination? This entity is the most powerful since the Roman Catholic Church had its peak during the Dark Ages and fell from its power during the Reformation.

Speculation has me wondering if the Reformation had not happened, would the confusion over Lucifer and Satan ever happened? There were those who recognized Lucifer as "the Bearer of Light", which he is. Lucifer was not to be worshiped. There was no need. The Illuminists do not worship God. They are becoming God. They are on a quest to become God. This quest has to do with much, realizing the bicameral mind must function as that, a bicameral mind, so the voices of the gods may be heard.

Any "god" which demands worship is evil. Beware the Abrahamic religions. Their teaching spans thousands of years and that dogma is engrained deeply in the Abrahamic psyche. Know the Gnostic Gospels and you will have your own reformation!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

the bicameral

The brain is "bicameral" or two-sided. The two-sides (called hemispheres) communicate via a super-powerful connector called the corpus callosum. The left hemisphere is specialized in verbal-linguistic tranduction of speech and analytical thinking (logic, math, cause & effect, language, & sequential thinking). The right side plays more of a role in holistic-metaphorical information transduction such as imagery (art, dance, intuition, subjective, spontaneous, holistic, & dream imagery). The primary role of creating imagery is carried out by the right side. 

Roger Sperry won a Nobel Prize for his brain research. Basically feeding different information to each side of the brain at the same time. His research concluded that each hemisphere could work independently of each other at the same time. 

Researchers have come a long way toward understanding the mind. They have discovered, for instance, that under stress the brain will convert nerve signals into "messenger molecules" who then in turn direct the endocrine system to produce steroid hormones, that can reach the nucleus of various cells and cause them to change how the body’s genes are written out. These genes will then direct the cells as to how to make a variety of molecules which are used in growth, metabolism, sexuality, and the immune systems. In other words, the mind can rewrite genetics.

Barbara Brown, a physiologist at Veteran’s Administration Hospital (in Sepulveda) wrote a book New Mind, New Body. Barbara Brown’s research was government funded. Her book got the public interested in biofeedback. Because of repeated success at getting patients to control such things as their heartbeat, Dr. Brown is convinced that a person’s heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, glandular responses are all subject to a person’s will.

The abilities of the human brain to control the body have been seriously underrated by people. Bio-feedback researchers in the 1960s were surprised to find out that if a single nerve cell’s activity is placed upon a screen so that the subject can see its activity graphed, the subject will be able to mentally identify that cell apart from any other nerve fiber cell, and will be able to have voluntary control over that single cell apart from any other. Just to show how complex the body is, a single nerve fiber cell will have 600 connections. This mental feat is simply mind-boggling for researchers.

The heart is controlled by the mind and works with the emotions of a person. There have been people who have literally died from a "broken heart." This is a historical fact. It has been well-documented that the mind can control the blood flow to various tissues and in this way change temperature in various different parts of the body.


Monday, March 05, 2012


Human minds revolve around stories and images. What happens to the mind when it is cut off from sensory input but is still active i.e. when it dreams? Well, it shows movies to itself: it tells stories accompanied by pictures, sometimes funny, sometimes erotic, sometimes frightening, weird, embarrassing, inspiring, prophetic, enigmatic, you name it. Dreams feature symbols and , above all, they feature people, especially those involved in our lives. They don't involve hours of mathematical equations, computer code, text, or foreign languages. Dreams reveal the unconscious. They are bearers of messages from the unconscious and these come to us as mysterious little films, emotive narratives, strange symbols, perhaps even voices.

When a Universal Form interacts with a human mind it does so not as an abstraction but as being in the unconscious - a hidden voice, a secret guide.