Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a mason and a man

My brother, Masonry means much more
      Than the wearing of a pin
   Or carrying a paid up dues receipt
      So the Lodge will let you in

You may wear an emblem on your coat
      From your finger flash a ring
   But if you're not sincere at heart
      This doesn't mean a thing

It's merely an outward sign to show
      The world that you belong
   To this great Fraternal Brotherhood
      That teaches right from wrong

What really counts lies buried deep
      Within the human breast
   Till Masonic teaching bring it out
      And puts it to the test

If you practice out of Lodge
      The things you learn within
   Be just and upright to yourself
      And to your fellowman

Console a Brother when he's sick
      Or assist him when in need
   Without a thought of personal reward
      For any act or deed

Walk and act in such a way
      That the world without can see
    That none but the best can meet the test
      Laid down by Masonry

Always live up to your trust
      And do the best you can
   Then you can proudly tell the world
      You're a Mason ans a Man

                                                     ~ Author Unknown

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