Monday, June 23, 2014

4 to do sales items

Sales in general has changed and is changing at a rapid pace. Social Media has led that change it seems. Sales increases are more difficult to get, but also, more difficult to keep.
Realize you must understand the person you are talking to and know the organization they are with. At one time or another we all need things. There is a good possibility who you call will need what you have to offer.

  • Ask the right questions; understand what they want and what they need. This allows you to explore.
  • Listen to their problems
  • Become a consultant. Understand their situation.
  • Give ideas. Show your prospect that you can solve their problem(s). This obviously may take time, but use this to your advantage as you'll have plenty of reasons to stay in touch.
Concentrate on thinking at their level. Show caring and knowledge.

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