Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Clash of Cultures

Is the war in Iraq really a clash between the western civilization and Islam? As much as we might want to say no...it just might be. The fact is that terrorism has done much to damage the Islamic community. Our focus is to stop terrorists before they strike. Has our mission been one that does not focus on Islam as a whole? Perhaps. Should our mission against terrorism bring in all or most of the Islamic influences that exist?

I can only speculate that the fight against terrorism is a fight against a culture...if not the entire culture, parts of it. I can only conclude that we need more operatives in the field rooting out the terrorists. In this fashion we can then study perhaps the "cultural cause" of terrorism.

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mike81859 said...

Another beheading today and perhaps two more on the way. The culture that seems to condone extreme violence which is publicized is difficult to understand and comprehend. However it exists.