Monday, September 13, 2004


Will non-combatants in the war on terror be the next targets of terrorists organizations? If so.... will the United States get more help in this fight?


mike81859 said...

Pakistani women attended an anti-terror rally in Multan, Pakistan on 11 September, 2004, the third anniversary of the terror attacks on America. Pakistan's military, which is in search of al Qaida terrorists along the Afghanistan border, said it killed 50 militants Thursdat, September 9, 2004 in a gunship raid on a terrorist camp.

mike81859 said...

North Korea on Monday reportedly told a visiting British diplomat in Pyongyang that a billowing cloud of smoke caused by an explosion last week was the planned demolition of a mountain for a hydroelectric project, according to news reports. The North Koreans additionally invited Britain's ambassador to Pyongyang, David Slinn, and other ambassadors based in the North Korean capital to visit the site as early as Tuesday (09/14/04) to verify North Korea's claim that the mammoth blast Thursday was part of a planned infrastructure project, according to the BBC and pool reports from journalists traveling with the visiting British diplomatic mission in Pyongyang

mike81859 said...

President Bush has successfully melded the war in Iraq with the entire war on terror. This is according to polling data of which one poll came from the Wall Street Jounrnal. This has already gave the President a good boost in leadership and credibility.

mike81859 said...

Senator John Warner (R-Virginia) recently stated that the DoD has the ability to communicate terrorist threats more rapidly and more securely to our forces in the field. This technology will help thwart terrorist attacks. He did state that more needs to be done, but the DoD is off to a very good start.

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