Monday, October 31, 2005

transcript from The Horror of Dracula (1958)

The Parlor
Enter Harker

Woman: (appearing from behind door) Mr. Harker, you will help me?

Harker: If it's still possible. But, tell me, why is Count Dracula keeping you prisoner?

Woman: I cannot tell you that.

Harker: But if I'm to help you, I must know.

Woman: I'm sorry, it's not possible.

Harker: You make it very difficult for me. After all, I'm a guest here. If I'm to help you, I must have a reason.

Woman: A reason! You ask for a reason! Is it not reason enough that he keeps me locked up in this house, holds me against my will? You can have no idea of what an evil man he is or the terrible things he does. I could not...dare not...try to leave on my own. He could find me again, I know. But, with you to help me, I would have a chance. Oh, you must help me. You must! You're my only hope. You must!

Harker: (holding her in his arms) I'll help you, I promise. Please don't distress yourself.

Woman: Thank you (She bites Harker's neck.)

Harker: (Pushes vampiress away)

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