Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the key to energy is demand

Many of us are wondering about the price of "liquid energy" and seeing how we can save money. Do we just sit around and wish for the price to go down. Yes, but will that always work? Probably not. That's why we need to concentrate on demand. Our demand. Habits will have to change. This reminds me of the conservation tips I heard about in the 1970's. They're back!

The Big Picture sems to allude to the consumer and how the Fed will tighten money and this could give us a slow-down in the real estate market and the end result is a lower demand for fuel and lower prices. I have to ask if the consumer has the time to wait on the Fed. Probably not. Consumers need a break now and that's why good conservation practices are a must. Were you for the speed limit going back up to 65 mph after it had been 55 mph? I wasn't because of conservation needs in the country. Granted cars have better mileage than ten years ago even when they're going 70 mph, however the situation has abruptly changed. Conservation will bring lighter vehicles and that will bring more safety concerns. Can these challenges be hashed out in committee hearings throughout the halls of the U.S. Congress? Uh.... I think you know the answer. Their solutions won't make much sense to most of us. They rarely ever do.

My advice.... conserve. Start a plan and stick with it. Remember the word sacrifice?

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