Wednesday, December 14, 2005

iraq war and victory strategy by bush

President Bush delivered a speech on Iraq strategy for victory today in Washington at the woodrow Wilson Center. Bush urged patience with the entire war effort. Bush has had to deliver several speeches on Iraq lately due to increased negativity from the media and Democrats on the Hill.

The media negativity has not waned since early autumn. Journalists are far more negative about the war than the American public. With elections being held and a new government in place the Iraqi situation is slowly getting stabilized. The progress factor is not what we had in mind. Afterall we wanted a swift end to Iraq, but that's not happening. The media feels unconsulted on the entire war and seems to take that out on Bush by throwing more and more negatives on their newscasts. Will this effort crack the American public shell? We shall see.

One item remains.... Bush needs good news to come from Iraq or the war on terror for his numbers to improve and allow the media to give us some positive news.

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