Tuesday, December 13, 2005

like it or not the u.s must win in iraq

Personally I was not for the United States invading Iraq the way we did. Why? Because we weren't ready. But then is any army really ready to invade another country? D-Day we were... but look at all the preparation the Allies did before the invasion. Fast forward to Iraq and we didn't prepare that way. Some would probaly say we don't have to prepare that way anymore because the technology allows for more coordination and logistics corrections when things go wrong. Fine. But let's face the fact we weren't ready to invade Iraq. OK then what. Well we invaded and the resistance has been brutal. Car bombs, etc.

However through it all our troop's moral has been very high. Higher than the average American citizen. We have to ask ourselves: Do we have the patience, the courage and the will to win in Iraq. We better have because the price of failure is way too high.

How many Americans favored George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq? Many. But some of the vocal hawks are now vocal doves. There are several lists of those political leaders that once said Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction and needs to be stopped and now pleading to get out of Iraq. Why is this? Could it be position labeling? If it is than the multi-million dollar media moguls are to blame. They have produces several little positon labelers whose job is to stir the pot, not report.

We are at war and we can't forget that. And we can't forget that the U.S. can't lose this war in Iraq. We can't lose the war on terror. There is too much too lose. Like peace and freedom.

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