Thursday, December 20, 2012

content revolution

Visuals. We are attracted to visuals. Online marketing is making a rapid shift to visuals. Why? Because they work. Social networks like Facebook and Pinterest are giving visuals the center stage. Photos and images get 53% more likes on Facebook.

Instagram passes Twitter for daily active mobile users in August 2012.

Create original content.

Hubspot source story. Infographic

Using social media content to help your business isn't new.  Blog shares, social posts and page views is now "typical" marketing. You need that something extra to spruce up your content.

Summary of 6 items that will help:

  1. Don't try something new. Study your analytics.
  2. Surprise people. Strong emotion is key.
  3. Nail your headline. Study has shown over 25% of web traffic came from social media referrals.
  4. Don't tell me; show me. Pinterest is a big source for publishers.
  5. Enable your blog to market your content. Tailor the recommendations.
  6. Don't forget about SEO. Include keyword research.
6 tips to creating content from Hubspot is the source article.

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