Monday, March 05, 2012


Human minds revolve around stories and images. What happens to the mind when it is cut off from sensory input but is still active i.e. when it dreams? Well, it shows movies to itself: it tells stories accompanied by pictures, sometimes funny, sometimes erotic, sometimes frightening, weird, embarrassing, inspiring, prophetic, enigmatic, you name it. Dreams feature symbols and , above all, they feature people, especially those involved in our lives. They don't involve hours of mathematical equations, computer code, text, or foreign languages. Dreams reveal the unconscious. They are bearers of messages from the unconscious and these come to us as mysterious little films, emotive narratives, strange symbols, perhaps even voices.

When a Universal Form interacts with a human mind it does so not as an abstraction but as being in the unconscious - a hidden voice, a secret guide.

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