Thursday, January 16, 2014

network performance

"Doing more with less" is beyond cliche'. Challenges include shrinking budgets and increasing workloads. A good rule is that an 18% productivity improvement in performace is needed. Performance enablers are needed. This productivity increase can be achieved with a new approach through collaboration across networks.

The traditional view of successful performance focuses on assignment completion. That's it, nothing more. This view is changing. Goals are more complex with the rise of social media. Discussions and decisions are increasingly driven by data. Workflow requires more collaboration across a variety of platforms, both internal and external. Contributions require capitalization of networks. Their is a strong attraction of network performance and organizational success.

To achieve gains in productivity, better management of network performance is needed. In practice, effective network performers consistently demonstrate behaviors that contribute to their networks. This includes, but is not limited to, harnessing great ideas from other parts of the organization and applying them to one's own work. Opinions and feedback are two other categories in this application.

Concentrate on network performance. Identify connections and cultivate relationships by identifying influencers. They help with priorities.

Only through a new perspective of network performance will we be able to achieve better productivity performance.

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