Thursday, January 02, 2014

run to win

In Jerry Kamer's book Instant Replay, Jerry recounts on December 23, 1967, before the Green Bay Packers played the Los Angeles Rams in the Western Conference championship game, that Packer head coach Vince Lombardi  said the key phrase was "Run to Win".

Jerry wrote that Coach Lombardi said, "that many people enter a race and just think about finishing, or about coming in second or third, but that when we enter a race, we're only looking for one thing: We run to win."

In that speech, Mr. Lombardi took his text from one of St. Paul's Epistles. Jerry wrote he didn't know which one. Coach Lombardi had a way of making all the saints sound like they would be great football coaches.

Coach Lombardi - Forrest Gregg at left, Jerry Kramer at right

Do we always run to win? I know I don't. Which has beem unfortunate.. That's my fault, not anyone elses. What has Paul taught me about winning? To be frank, I'm not sure. But, again that's my fault, and I am now exploring how Paul can help me win.

Coach Lombardi gave some great advice and his team took that advice and "ran" with it. They won the game against the Rams, 28-7. Let's explore how we can take great advice and "run" with it. That way we will "run to win".

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