Thursday, March 10, 2005

Consolidated Sports Media Group is entering the feature film industry

Consolidated Sports Media Group, Inc . (OTC: CSGU) is a publicly traded firm focused on developing and acquiring companies, which fill market specific niches in the world of sports. Consolidated Sports Media Group, Inc. has a very concerted mission to maximize earnings and growth. Our formula for growth is simple by design. CSMGI will magnify, enhance and capitalize on specific sports market segments. CSMGI is involved in a wide range of sports activities all with the common marketing and risk management strategies.

Sport is our passion, our challenge, and our choice. We all speak sports. We are a team of driven people who believe in working hard and thinking outside of a job description. We believe different opinions lead to better ideas. The bar is set high!

At CSMGI, there is an unbending commitment to excellence. At the end of the day, our people will dominate the highlight reel. "Team" is not just a word we just use; it's how we are able to do the things we do, day in and day out. Everyone contributes. We are competitive, yet supportive. Ultimately, the mentality exists that you would find in a champion sports team.

CSMGI has developed business strategies, set market trends and been abreast of technological innovations in media and telecommunications. We have contributed to new venture start-ups.

CSMGI is entering the feature film industry. Documentary films and their distribution is becoming a much broader business. Documentaries have gained popularity and the audiences for such films have steadily grown over the last five years.

If you would like more information on this opportunity contact CSMGI.

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