Sunday, March 06, 2005 Makes Web Searching 20 Times Faster

A 21 year-old undergraduate from Singapore launched, a
new search tool that helps Internet users to access and compare original
results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories on a single
web page, removing the hassle of retyping keywords into different search
Comparing results from different search engines like Google, Yahoo,
MSN Search, and Ask Jeeves is a common practice for many users. This is
because different engines use different ranking methods and thus no
single engine can give users exactly what they're looking for.
"That's where comes in handy." Says William Chee,
founder of "Grown out of the frustration of typing and
retyping keywords into different search engines, I decided to create an online
search tool to get rid of these hassles and make such searching 20
times faster."

"Users who visit only need to enter keywords once, and getting original results from different search engines is as simple as clicking the engine's name. No more retyping keywords into different search engines."
Search engine marketing firms also find an invaluable
tool for search engine optimization and finding out the rankings of their
clients' web sites in different engines.

Users who set their browser home page to their favorite site can even
customize to load together with their favorite web
This way, users can have all the benefits of and
access to their favorite site at the same time.

In addition to web page search, also helps users to
find images, search encyclopedias, check out latest news, look for
interesting blogs, find songs and videos, and even compare prices from major
online retailers and auction sites. With a growing number of users who search online, is slated to become the preferred time-saving search tool for many across the globe.

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