Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sun targets Red Hat

Jonathan Scwartz, predisent and ceo of Sun Microsystems said Linux will be running more systems next year than ever before. He also said there will be no one Linux because of the diversity of clients. He sees more technology bought that people will carry around in their hands than ever before. He sees a demand growth for services and service operators. Mr. Schwartz sees demographic changes, as we are no longer the target demographic of the Internet, but of particular demographics. He used the example of ringtones because that industry is now a 3 billion dollar industry. The idea of a PC run network gives no clue as to what the network is on. The network is really where people are and an evolution is taking place with mobile network devices.
Grids are growing and Mr. Schwartz sees the financial services and gas companies as the major grid building players.

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