Wednesday, March 16, 2005

marketing & digital media

Marketing continues to still be a blackhole in business accountability. Media outlets(television, radio, newspapers, and magazines) consume 70 percent of the budget. Don't accept a poor level of measurement and accountability. Marketing now looks at return on investment(ROI). This is a somewhat new trend, but needed if marketing techniques are going to improve. How well do the marketing specialists know the consumer's media consumption and comprehension? This type of data is usually unavailable. Marketers haven't looked at this area much, but the day is coming where they will have to. The quest for superior return on investment data should also be a quest for critical audience measurement. One item that has promise is digital media(DM). In the digital area there is now relevant and compelling consumer media consumption and behavioral data for ROI modeling. These modeling techniques may advise on what mediums to use for a campaign and what results to expect in order to achieve success measures. Planning a campaign with digital modeling is worth the time and investment and will bring marketing up to a new level of achievement.

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