Friday, March 18, 2005

Is it immoral to abandon the USA?

I am going to reply to my own post. I am building my own thought and I want anyone else to have the benefit from it:)

So we know basically how it works in this world, with the power of love, and there are different influences and most of its success is based on the role of the image through our own perceptions. It is is the example of the carrot and the stick. The neocons prefer to give the stick than the carrot.

In childhood psychology the stick make usually the victim an abuser later on. One of the dirtiest secrets of the Bush administration after 911 was to give the abused nations and the abusors of the nations a revigorification of their patholigical syndroms:

* The old Italy of Mussolini gave Italians this desire of nationalism, it inspired lots of pronationalist Italian with El Ducce (forza Italia mi culo).

* The persecuted Poland gave Poles the opportunity to get a revenge on History. Indeed they were persecuted by the Nazis and then got persecuted by the Soviets. One more time and I will tell you why, they are on the wrong side of the lane.

* The old nazi Germany who knew better and is aware of its crimes prefered to step down.

So this is how it works with the neocons. These guys have no morals whatsoever and could even sell their mother for their very own survival. "Either you are with us or against us" and this is how Bush sold his marketing to foreign nations. Not a long time ago a US senator stated that the roles of the world was to make the US bigger and not to let it down. Right now the position of the USA is going down.

The ethics of the world through the accumulation of defeats and winnings gave a different perception of this world. It's not only about cultures - because Europeans always play the card of origins for the Americans and vice et versa when they want to get the Americans on their sides. Today's in the 21st century it is all about who is going to win in this World. And what is at stakes in this world? Originally it is the way of the world was working, no more no less! This world changed, drastically because of the Bush administration. The american propaganda on Faux News makes Bush an angel that we could even guess 2 wings coming from the rear of his back. If you beleive in angels story, then be careful, because Bush is not an Angel or he is going to burn his wings fly high in the sky.

Bush wanted to change the world and he did it with the neocons and History is changing against the USA.

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