Saturday, March 12, 2005

key providers of resource management and enterprise marketing management

  • Aprimo - involved in delivering marketing projects that allows to communicate relevancy
  • Assetlink- coordinates deliverables across multiple mediums
  • Doubleclick - a one-stop shop to automate anything and everything
  • Eloqua - designed to provide real-time management and optimization
  • Epiphany - responds to customer events with real-time marketing tools
  • Oracle - designed to handle complex B2B marketing and trading relationships
  • Quaero - provides marketing effectiveness consulting services and CRM outsourcing
  • SAP - gives better measurement capabilities with marketing analytics
  • Saratoga Systems - offers easily configurable marketing products
  • SAS - helps users understand campaign responses ans a leader in automation software
  • Siebel - enables organizations to implement standardized processes and metrics
  • Teradata - offers a range of analytics and profitability-analysis tools for overall strategy
  • Unica - offers product enhancers and event-triggered campaign automation products
  • Veridiem - links sales results to the marketing programs that drove them

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